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Ivory destroyed in New York

Ivory waiting to be crushed in Times Square. US Government raise awareness of illegal ivory trade Over one ton of illegal ivory has been destroyed by the US Government before crowds in New York, sending out a clear message that the nation will not tolerate wildlife crime. The event, which took … [Read More...]

Client care for blind or partially sighted people

At the first ever congress dedicated to veterinary receptionists, delegates heard an inspirational and useful talk from guide dog owner Judy Taylor, who explained how to provide a positive customer experience for blind and partially sighted clients. Judy has had guide dogs for nearly 60 years, … [Read More...]

Suspected tumour turns out to be shoelaces

Vets shocked to discover a tangle of items in cat's stomach Brighton vets got a shock when they performed exploratory surgery on a cat with a suspected tumour, only to find an assortment of shoelaces, hair bands and plastic in his stomach. Curious cat Garry had been taken to PDSA's pet … [Read More...]

Thinking of getting a dog……..

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Chocolate Bunnies for Easter not real ones !!!

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Lily Toxicity

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Couples advised to draw up ‘pet-nups’

Couples are being advised make plans for their pets in case they divorce. One-in-four divorces involve a dispute over pets Family law experts are advising couples to put together a plan in case the worst should happen. Whether a cat, dog or a rabbit, couples preparing to get married or set … [Read More...]

Rabbit welfare survey highlights concerns

Over 60 per cent of rabbits were not reported to be calm when their owner was handling them. A quarter of rabbits may be being kept with unsuitable companions Findings from a new study have reinforced concerns that the welfare needs of many rabbits in the UK are not being met. Researchers from … [Read More...]

Ask Permission…….

You're Responsible For Your Dog's behaviour! … [Read More...]

Geese ride ‘roller coaster’ to navigate Himalayas

"It is generally more efficient to reduce the overall costs of flying by seeking higher-density air at lower altitudes." Decreasing air density at higher altitudes reduces bird's ability to produce lift Geese adopt a 'roller coaster' strategy during high altitude flights across the Tibetan … [Read More...]

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