Travel The World With Your Dog

Do you want to travel the world with your dog?

Travel With your DogOr maybe, just take him or her on holiday with you.

Your dog will need a passport of course, just like you, but there’s more to it than that.

Here’s what you need to know –

EU Countries

These days the rules on dogs travelling to and from EU countries is much more relaxed. And it changed again in 2012 to cover some other countries.

Your dog’s passport will allow him or her into most EU countries – and most importantly, back into the UK afterwards.

What Does My Dog Need to Get A Passport?

To get one, your dog must be micro chipped, as well as vaccinated against rabies.

Your puppy must be 3 months old before we can vaccinate for rabies – and the vaccination needs to be at least 21 days before your dog travels.

Your dog will also need to be up to date with his or her worming.

Are There Any Other Diseases to Consider Apart From Rabies?

Yes! Do remember that the rules on passports are all designed to prevent rabies coming to the UK, not about protecting your precious dog.

There are several serious diseases which are common in Europe, so please do talk to your vet  well before you go abroad and we can recommend the right preventative treatments for the places you are travelling to.

For example, before 2012 there were also compulsory tick treatments before coming back into the UK – while these are not compulsory any longer, we strongly recommend them.

Countries Outside the EU

For some countries outside the EU, your dog will need extra tests, such as a blood test. This applies to dogs returning to the UK from China, India and South Africa.

The rules on which countries are including change quite often, so please do check with your vet first.


Quarantine still exists!

If your dog does not have a valid passport or does not have the right tests and treatments recorded in the documents for the country he or she is travelling from, they will have to go into quarantine – often for 6 months – when they come back into the UK.

Some other countries have their own quarantine rules too.

Planning your trip

Please do talk to your vet as early as possible if you are planning to take your dog abroad.

While it is much easier than it used to be, the rules and timescales are very strict and it’s just not possible to take your dog at the last minute, if you don’t already have all the vaccinations and paperwork in place.

So please do Call Us to discuss your travel plans and arrange the right vaccinations and to get a Passport.

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