10 Tips for Rabbit care during Winter

rabbit in a hat1) Start planning now for a safe, protected exercise area your rabbits can use daily
2) Put a cardboard box filled with straw in the hutch for extra warmth.
3) Use a heat pad overnight during freezing conditions. Wrap it in something first (towel, tea towel). 
4) Straw is warmer than hay, so better to use as bedding during the winter.
5) Make sure sheds or garages used for hutches are well ventilated and bright.
6) Wrap bottles with bubble wrap and old socks to reduce the risk of freezing.
7) Keep spare water bottles so you can change then if they are frozen.
8) Attach a tarpaulin with eyelets to the exercise run to provide protection.
9) Wrap hutches with blankets and cover with something waterproof. Keep well ventilated.
10) Check hutches are draught proof and free of damp.

rabbits in the snow


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